Sensei Mahadeb Bramha was born to Dulal Bramha and Gaury Bramha on 5th March 1971 at Payradanga, Nadia, W.B., India. He is a founder of AIKKA or BAIKKA. Who had been
practicing karate since 29 years with a strenuous Kyokushin way.

At first Sensei Mahadeb Bramha was start his karate life under the Senpei

Anup Ganguly. His dojo was situated at Ranaghat, District Nadia. After
completing his training period from here, Sensei was going for training
in Kolkata dojo which was undertaken by the Shihan Shibaji Ganguly. In Shihan Shibaji Ganguly‚Äôs dojo sensei Mahadeb Bramha completed his brown belt, which is also called 2nd kyu. But facing some crucial problem he
was going to sensei Prasenjit Saha for practice. Here sensei had done
his 1st Dan black belt. After many years of practicing here sensei
Mahadeb Bramha has organized his own karate association and group. Not
only that, but Sensei has opened his own dojo also when he was just
brown belt. He was opened his first dojo at Payradanga, Saptorshi Sangha
club ground. It is an outdoor dojo mainly but indoor practice facilities
also have. After few years of opening, this dojo is become an Indian honbu or  head quarter dojo. sensei has joined in IKO Matshushima on the year of 2008.and the noticeable thing is that sensei has gone to Japan at 4 times in between the year of 2009-2013. 

Not only that now he goes to Japan every year for training which is undertaken by Kancho Matsushima. Sensei Mahadeb Bramha has done a great job as a corner judge on 2012 world tournament. Sensei was praised many times by Kancho Matsushima for his great performance of kata or imagine fight. At last to say in short that Sensei Mahadeb Bramha is one of the successful karateka in India who has been continuing his practice till now with a great budo spirit and he has been developing his organization very much as possible he does.

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